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               HELPFUL TIPS

This Page is designed to give members a helpful hand to better assist in sharing the Biblical Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Information provided is tips and may need to be modified to each individual circumstance. We hope that these tips will be helpful to you but also we help to enable you to become a better witness for Jesus Christ. 



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If you are regularly sharing your faith, sooner or later you will be hassled by people with badges, especially if you are an open air preachers, and those handing out tracts. Click Here to learn how to properly deal with the police and also to know your first amendment rights of free speech.


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     You have the right to FILM your work!

The Photographer’s Right

A Downloadable Flyer Explaining Your Rights When Stopped Or Confronted for Photography

Here is a site that gives you downloadable guide, because we have all heard people in public saying “Don’t take make picture” or “You can’t film me.”  And there is of course the police officer that wants the camera shut off before he tells you the law.  We all know, witnesses do LIE, lawyers have been known to LIE, judges have LIED, even police officers can LIE but a video does NOT LIE nor taint a story and is not bias.  IT IS YOUR WITNESS WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

The following page of "Tract Tips" is designed to give members some creative ways to hand out and distribute tracts as well as creative ways to store tracts and have them read for use. If you have some ideas or suggestions to add to this page please send us an email at                                TRACT TIPS

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                  GOOD PERSON TEST BOOTH

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Are you creating a booth for a fair/fest and trying to figure out how to share the gospel in the booth? So many Christian/Church booth's at fairs or fests offer give-away's such as bottled water, cars, bracelets and other items. We are not saying that giving away items are bad but if the gospel is not shared with the lost?... What then are you doing for the kingdom and the gospel message? Learn from our mistakes of what works and doesn't when doing a Good Person Test Booth, and try it out for yourself.







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