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The "Special Ministries" area of our website is designed to offer Good Messengers Ministry  service outreaches (servant evangelism) in which to share Christ and serve people. "Servant Evangelism" is a simple, straightforward approach to sharing Godís love in simple, practical ways. While most "Servant Evangelism" 

ministries just serve and often don't evangelize we see this differently at Good Messengers Ministries. Ultimately, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our primary goal and we serve the peoples needs as well. Good Messengers Ministries "Special Ministries"  provides an opportunity for members to serve people in love who have a variety of needs and then this act love becomes a starting point for us to share our faith. We in no way use the "Special Ministries" listed below to promote or market for a particular church or organization. We do not use this ministry to accept donations or anything else but to serve people and share Christ. Below you will find a list of Special Ministry opportunities for you to prayerful consider getting involved in. 

   "Take Up the Shield"  PROJECT

                                  Click Here to Learn about this project.

Good Messengers Ministries of Northwest Indiana  is starting a "Take up the Shield Northwest Indiana Project." You are most likely on this web page because you share our love and respect for the law enforcement family and our commitment to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to every man and woman who carries a badge. The "Take up the Shield Northwest Indiana Project" is a collaboration among peace officers, evangelists & citizens to equip law enforcement officers to fight not only the criminal element on the streets of America but the spiritual spiritual battle that rages around us. The goal of this project is to place a copy of this inspiring book, Take Up the Shield, in the hands of every peace officer to assist them in both battles.  We ask that you look at the project details within this web page and provide backup to some of America's Finest. Click here to watch a video of what another Christian organization is trying to do in the state of Oklahoma with this project..


Good Messengers Ministries needs evangelists to help with a local food outreach program. Children's Hunger Fund has been using the local churches to distribute food to people in need. There have been many people that are in need of this food --- more needs than workers!  Good Messengers Ministries will be partnering with a local Pastor who works directly with the Children's Hunger Fund,  to distribute food boxes to needy families.

 Each box of food is  designed to feed a family of four for one week. Yet, we know the greater need is salvation coming to each home. A specially designed Bible study has been created to be used in each home visit.  Children's Hunger Fund is a non-profit organization designed to work  through local churches and desires that the church get into the homes to meet the needs of people and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Children's Hunger Fund does not distribute the food directly but works through the local church. Children's Hunger Fund seeks to alleviate the suffering of children by equipping God's Church to communicate the Gospel through effective compassion ministry. One of our members,  Pastor Mike Matiscik of Christian Fellowship Church is in charge of this "Special Ministry" opportunity.

Pastor Mike has a waiting list of people who have asked for food. For those interested, Pastor Mike will  train you and then continue to supply you with the food and names of  those in need.  The commitment is once a week for twelve to sixteen weeks.  You can work with one or more families depending upon your schedule. You can visit the homes at a mutually convenient time.

The Bible Study program is also very flexible to fit your abilities and background. During your training you can learn how to adapt the program to your Bible knowledge. Like any evangelistic opportunity, you will grow in your knowledge of God and His Word as you share the gospel.

Know this is hard work but also very rewarding work.  Sometimes the people are extremely grateful for the food, other times they are not. Sometimes the people want nothing to do with the Bible and will stop delivery.  Sometimes you will see poverty in abundance and it will disturb you. This work requires a person dedicated to prayer.

We require that two or three people go on every visit. If a third person goes, that person can remain in your vehicle to pray while the other team members are inside. We are looking for men and women who desire to reach the lost to be involved in this work. Those that have a compassion for the lost and for those in need will truly find a perfect ministry for themselves.

If you are interested in committing to this work, please contact 
Pastor Mike Matiscik  219-931-5177  |

Know we really need your help. We are praying for God to send us more workers.

Visit to learn more about Children's Hunger Fund.





There are currently 9 spots available for male preachers at Lake County Jail (no women needed at this time). Preaching times currently open are as follows (subject to change): The third Saturday evening of every month (service times are 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm).Also available are: Saturday afternoons and Sunday afternoons (1 pm and 2pm), all weekends open. Looking for long term commitment to at least one day per month. Expect to preach to a variety of characters: from people eager for eternal hope to those that come because of nothing better to do, as well as new converts and solid Christians. Typically, there will an audience of 16 men per service. You will be expected to preach or teach from the Bible each service. Whether you preach or teach is up to you. You may bring in CDís for worship if you want, but it is not required or expected. You may preach to the same people for up to a year, so you will need to bring new material accordingly. You must have no prior convictions. A back ground check is required. Typically this takes up to 4 weeks.

 Please contact Brett Burbage at 219-306-1974 or e-mail him at for further information or application form.





The ministry of Prayer Stations is based on the fact that we are providing an opportunity to pray for people who have a variety of needs and believing that God will hear our prayer and act on behalf of those for whom we pray. Our prayer of faith then becomes a starting point for us to share our faith.

In effect we begin by praying for the felt needs of people on the street, and then by the direction of the Holy Spirit move from their felt needs to their real need - giving their heart and life to Jesus! We begin with the temporal and move to the eternal.




We in no way use this ministry to promote or market for a particular church or organization. We do not use this ministry to accept donations or anything else but to pray with people and share Christ. 


Good Person Booth's at Fair's & Fest's can be VERY rewarding. We have found that this type of booth offers lots of opportunities to have conversations of the gospel with people. Most people do not find the booths to be offensive and many people are eager to find out if they are truly a "good person." 
  If this page doesn't help answer some of the questions you may have please feel free to send us a email and we will try and answer the question to the best of our us here. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Good Person Booth Ministry opportunities.






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