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Recommended  Resources
Good Messengers Ministries of Northwest Indiana has compiled a list of recommended resources (books, tracts & articles) that we KNOW are Biblical in their writing. We also have a "Media" page for additional audio and video to learn by. Some of the books below are evangelistic, some are apologetic, and some are theology based. All of the resources will help you to sharpen yourself when learning how to share your faith.

Good Messengers Ministries Member Resources




OnLine WOTM Course & Materials


   CLICK HERE FOR: Online Version of The Way of The Master Basic Evangelism Course


This web page is designed for those 

who are already taking the Way of the 

Master Course or who have and need a 

refresher course. We recommend using 

this link if you miss a class, need 

missing handouts or you want to 

refresh yourself with the teaching. 

It is recommended that if you are currently 

taking the Way of the Master 

Course that you only watch course lessons 

that you have missed and don't go 

ahead of your current lesson. Although this 

course can be used for 

individual study, it is ideally suited for use 

in small and large groups 

Evangelism can seem fearful and 

intimidating, and a group setting can 

provide the needed encouragement and 





Prayer Station Materials


| Prayer Station Handout Flyer | Prayer Station Contact Form | Prayer Station Training Flyer |



| Prayer Station Contact Form |

While using the prayer station you may want to print out these contact forms. These are great for follow up for those with whom you have prayed and shared Christ with.

( Requires Microsoft Office Word to View )

 | Prayer Station Training Flyer |

Are you not sure what to do at a prayer station. Well this three page handout will give you some ideas of how a prayer station works.

You may also want to check out Good Messengers Ministries Prayer Station Training Page for more information.

( Requires Microsoft Office Word to View )


| Prayer Station Handout Flyer

You may want to print out several of these Prayer Station Flyers to hand out to people while working at the prayer station. This flyer talks about the importance of prayer. How God answers prayers and it also directs people to website to get a more detailed gospel message. A gospel tract and Psalm 51 is also printed on the back of this flyer.

( Requires Microsoft Office Word to View )

Print-Out The "Good Outweighs your Bad Survey Form"


   | The Good Person Test Survey Cover   | The Good Person Test Survey Inside |



        The Good Person Test with this cover is our most popular survey to be printed out by our members. This survey is a great resource for talking with people and using WDJD and CCRAFT Biblical principles when witnessing to others. You can also give them the survey when you are completed. There are two locations that direct the person to for a more detailed gospel message. There is also a gospel on the back of the survey with Psalm 51 as a repentant prayer. These are also great if you are on a tight can just print them from home. 

( Requires Microsoft Office Word to View )

Print-Out The "Good Person Test in Survey Form"


   | The Good Person Test Survey Cover   | The Good Person Test Survey Inside |


The Good Person Test is a great resource for talking with people and using WDJD and CCRAFT Biblical principles when witnessing to others. You can also give them the survey when you are completed. There are two locations that direct the person to for a more detailed gospel message. There is also a gospel on the back of the survey with Psalm 51 as a repentant prayer. These are also great if you are on a tight can just print them from home. This printable survey also goes well with a matching banner that you can order by Clicking Here.


( Requires Microsoft Office Word to View )



Print-Out "Spiritual 10 Commandments Survey"


   | Spiritual 10 Commandments Survey Cover | Spirtual 10 Commandments Survey Inside |


This Spirtual Survey of the 10 Commandments is a great resource for talking with people and using WDJD and CCRAFT Biblical principles when witnessing to others. You can also give them the survey when you are completed. There are two locations that direct the person to for a more detailed gospel message. There is also a gospel on the back of the survey with Psalm 51 as a repentant prayer. These are also great if you are on a tight can just print them from home.


( Requires Microsoft Office Word to View )


Print-Out The Santa Naughty or Nice Good Person Test


   | The Good Person Test Survey Cover   | The Good Person Test Survey Inside |



        The Santa Naughty or Nice "Good Person" Test asks the question, "If Santa used the 10 Commandments as his standard of naughty or would you do?" This survey is perfect for around the Christmas holiday. You can also give them the survey when you are completed. There are two locations that direct the person to for a more detailed gospel message. There is also a gospel on the back of the survey with Psalm 51 as a repentant prayer. These are also great if you are on a tight can just print them from home. 


( Requires Microsoft Office Word to View )



Personalize Presidential Gospel Tract w/


  1. Purchase Obama tract from Living Waters (also will work with celebrity million tracts).

  2. Download .doc file with to be printed on back of bill.

  3. Put Obama bills in printer to the right side of printer with Obama facing up and his "tie" to the left.

  4. Side paper-glide over to hold bills in place while printing, and begin printing.

  5. Finished bill tracts should look like here to see sample.



Vehicle Tract Decal 


Start thinking of creative ways to share the gospel message. One way is to put our Gospel website on your vehicle. You can have these decals printed out at the mall, or often can find companies that print these out inexpensively at fairs & fests. Look at it as a mobile tract. Placing these decals on the windows of your car will allow them to be removed easily without damage to your vehicle. You can also have the website address printed on a magnet that can be placed anywhere without damaging your vehicle. Again think of creative ways to get the gospel message out. 

Click on Photos to see larger size pic.





Good Messengers Custom Gospel Tract Materials


  1. Download & Save the tract of your choice.

  2. Send email to Marv Plementosh @ for quote.

  3. Order Tracts: (Typical Qty's. 1,000 - 2,500 - 5,000) 


      Business Card Size:  | DOWN LOAD Here: Life Question Tract |

Tract Reads on Back: 

Do you have tough life questions? Why am I here? What does God expect from

me? What will happen when I die? The Bible answers these questions. It says

that is appointed once for you to die and then to be judged. If God were to 

judge you by His standard of goodness, would you be innocent or guilty?

Have you ever lied (9th Commandment)? Have you stolen (8th)? Have you

used God's name in vain or as a curse word (3rd)? Will you be found guilty on

Judgment Day? God is a righteous judge and he will do right. The punishment 

for crimes against God is an eternity of torment in hell. Life's toughest 

question is this: If God is a just judge, how can he forgive your lawbreaking

(sin) and still be just? God's love found a way: Jesus Christ suffered and died for

you on the cross, satisfying God's justice by taking upon Himself the 

punishment you deserve. you broke the law and Jesus paid your fine. God 

provided His acceptance by raising Jesus from the dead. With justice being 

served, God offers you forgiveness of sins and eternal life. To receive it, God 

calls you to repent (confess and give up your sins) and trust in Jesus alone for

salvation. I urge you to seek Him out today - before your head hits the pillow

tonight - now is the acceptable time. Q & A at


       Trading Card Size: | DOWN LOAD Here: What If?  


Tract Reads on Back: 

What if today was your last day? What if today you stepped off this planet into

eternity? for about 150,000 people, it will be. Where would you go? What if there

is a heaven and a hell? What if we all had to stand before God after our death on

earth. Where will you spend eternity? What if GOD was to judge us by the Ten

Commandments (His standard of goodness), would you be innocent or guilty?

Have you ever lied (9th)? Have you stolen (8th)? Have you used God's name in vain

or as a curse word (3rd)? Ever looked with lust (7th)? God sees lust as adultery (Matt

5:27). It looks like we are all in big trouble. The Bible says that all liars shall have

their part in the Lake of Fire (Rev. 21:8) and that no thief, fornicator or adulterer will

inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9-10). The price for our sins must be paid;

death is the wages of our sins (Rom. 6:23). We are guilty and the place we will go is

Hell for eternity. What if the guilty verdict was changed to not guilty? What if 

someone paid for our sins and we were forgiven? What would you be willing to do

for that person? What if Jesus suffered and died for you on the cross, satisfying

God's justice by taking upon Himself the punishment you deserve. You broke the

law Jesus paid the fine. God offers you forgiveness of sins and eternal life. To

receive it, God calls you to repent (turn from our sins and turn to GOD) and trust in

Jesus alone to save you. What if you prayed right now and asked GOD to forgive 

the sins you have committed and thanked JESUS for dying on the cross in your

place? What if you followed JESUS CHRIST at any cost and obeyed HIS Scriptures

that you would read everyday? Visit: for more information.


Trading Card Size: | DOWN LOAD Here: Got Water Tract  


Tract Reads on Back: 

Why give free water: to serve as an example after our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a

ransom for many." (Mark 10:45)

Christ performed the greatest act of service that anyone can: he laid down his life for   

us as payment to God for the sins we committed. This payment was not with precious

stones or money, but with his blood -shed on the cross. There is no greater love than 

this. Why was this necessary? Because we have broken God's law (sinned) and stand 

guilty before Him. God's righteous standard is revealed in the 10 Commandments: have

you lied, stolen anything, used his name in vain? Jesus compares lust with adultery and

hatred as murder (Matt 5:20-30). On judgment day, will you be innocent or guilty?

Heaven or hell? God's love found a way for you to be forgiven: He made payment for  

you. You broke the law, but Christ paid the price on Calvary. He satisfied the justice 

and wrath of God. Gad made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us so that we may be 

made the righteousness of God (2 Cor 5:21). God gave us proof by raising Jesus from 

the grave. We serve a living Savior and Lord. With the ransom paid, God can offer us 

forgiveness of sins and eternal life. This is God's grace. He now commands all men 

everywhere to repent of sins (confessing and forsaking them) and trust in Christ's work 

on the cross for salvation. "Anyone who drinks this water will soon become thirsty 

again. But those who drink the  water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a 

fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life." -Jesus Christ (John 4:13,14)



Trading Card Size: | DOWN LOAD Here: Facebook


Tract Reads on Back: 

Jesus Christ found you using the friend finder. Accept or Ignore? It's nice to 

think that you are friends with Jesus, but Jesus actually says, "You are my 

friends if you do what I command." (John 15:14). So what does Jesus

command? He says do not steal, lie, murder, or commit adultery (Matt 19:17).

He says hatred is murder by saying whoever calls someone a fool is guilty 

enough to go to hell (Matt 5:22). He says that lusting after someone is the

same as adultery (Matt 5:28). Are you obeying Him? If not then He is not your

Lord but your enemy. He says, "Not everyone who calls me 'Lord" will enter the

kingdom of Heaven. Many will call Me 'Lord" on that day and I will declare to

them, 'I never knew you; depart from me you who practice lawlessness.'" (Matt

7:23). Will it be like that for you? Have you kept His commands or are you living

in sin? Jesus gave us another command, He says, "Repent and believe the

Gospel." The Gospel is the good news that our heavenly Father sent His dear

Son to be born as the God-man Jesus Christ so He could die in your place on the

cross (John 3:16, Romans 5:8) taking the punishment you deserve. God declared

His satisfaction by raising Him from the dead, and has seated Him at 

His right hand as Lord and Judge over all. There is no other name given to men

by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12, John 14:6). To be forgiven you must

repent (confess your sins and turn from them unto God) and put complete trust

in Jesus Christ alone (Acts 20:21). Do it today, don't put it off. Confess Jesus as

Lord and He will truly be your friend! Visit for more info.




Recommended Books to Read

The New Answers Book
By Ken Ham
One can either take the Bible as the basis for scientific truth or use ever-changing evolutionary assumptions as the foundation for your biblical and scientific knowledge. The Bible-as-base model resolves contradictions and gives concrete answers; the evolution-as-base model is as unsure as building a house on sand. Ken Ham knows this, and wants to provide families and individuals with the answers to questions raised by the media's wholesale acceptance of evolution, be it human or cosmic.

The New Answers Book 2
By Ken Ham

More than 30 answers to big questions!

People complain about The NEW Answers Book. They say that its so good at giving short, substantive answers that they want more. Well, we listened! In The NEW Answers Book 2 youll find 31 more great answers to big questions for the Christian life. Many view the original NEW Answers Book as an essential tool for modern discipleship. Both of these books answer such questions as: Can natural processes explain the origin of life? Can creationists be real scientists? Where did Cain get his wife? Is evolution a religion? and more!

Evangelism in the New Testament
By Jon Speed
Our theories concerning what is effective evangelism must be evaluated, not by what is popular today, but by the model that God gave us in the New Testament. In this brief study, we will discover that the primary method of witnessing in the New Testament was "contact evangelism" -- evangelism done for the purpose of engaging unbelieving strangers with the gospel. The goal of this booklet is to encourage churches and individuals to reconsider contact evangelism as a serious model of evangelistic ministry.

Ashamed of the Gospel
By John MacArthur
Ashamed of the Gospel bears a message the church just can't ignore: that we dare not be ashamed of communicating the convicting message of the Gospel. That we dare not candy coat it. Or make the church so user-friendly that the preaching of God's Word is compromised. MacArthur reminds today's church of the inevitable spiritual consequences if Christians continue to compromise biblical doctrine and the preaching of the Gospel. This masterful work challenges the church to return to the roots of the Great Commission and encourages a steadfast preaching of the Word of God.

God Doesn't Believe in Atheists
By Ray Comfort
Contrary to popular opinion, the existence of God can be proven - absolutely, scientifically, without reference to faith or even the Bible. It is also possible to prove that the Bible is supernatural in origin. This book will do just that. It will also show the atheist that he doesn't exist, reveal the true motives of the agnostic, and strengthen the faith of the believer.

Beyond Opinion
By Ravi Zacharias
An evangelist's duties are many: preparation, prayer, community and actual evangelism are but a few. Apologetics, while in the strictest definiton not evangelism itself, is nonetheless instrumental in an apologist's performance of his Great Commission. While both gauging the sinner's attitude toward the Gospel and gently leading him into the Law, Christians need to be able to defend attacks - both overt and accidental - on that Gospel. Here we find the realm of apologetics, the defense of the Faith.

Ravi Zacharias is an apologeticist's apologeticist, speaking to audiences around the world while reaching others by radio, television and with his many books. Here he offers both his own writings and the writings of others who have been or are currently involved with his ministry RZIM, and the ground covered in these pages ranges widely, from the challenge of other religions to questions posed by the irreligious. Ravi himself contributes articles addressing evil and suffering as well as how churches should engage their congregations in apologetical instruction. Going past mere lists of answers to questions from the lost, this book will inspire you to active evangelism with the use of the principles provided.

Darwin's Plantation
By Ken Ham & Dr. Charles Ware
Discover the origin of people groups (there is only one race), the genetics of skin color, and biblical truths on "interracial" marriage. This fascinating new book explores racism and its roots in the hearts and minds of millions.

Most people do not realize how intimately connected the popular idea of evolution and the worst racist ideology in history are. Ken Ham and Dr. Charles Ware reveal the compelling history of the effect of an evolution-based belief system on the history of the United States, including slavery, the civil rights movement, and abortion. They go beyond politically-correct speech to show the tragic global harvest of death and tragedy which stems from Darwins controversial beliefs. A compassionate and uniquely convincing book!

The Gospel & Personal Evangelism
By Mark Dever
Evangelism shouldn't be an impromptu event, cropping up only infrequently - and awkwardly even then - and timidly supportive of any inclination to religion or spirituality that the other person holds. As Christians, this should be an appalling representation of our Great Commission. Christians should be bold about the Gospel with other Christians as well as sinners, praying and planning and working together to bring the Gospel more into our lives as well as the lives of those around us. In The Gospel & Personal Evangelism Mark Dever has written a book, both instructive and encouraging, for all Christians in the same spirit that he motivates us to move towards.

The Gospel According to Jesus
By John MacArthur
What did Jesus mean when he said, "Follow me"? In this 20th anniversary edition of his classic work, MacArthur warns against "easy believism," explains his understanding of biblical faith and works, emphasizes the cost of discipleship, and reinforces his conviction that there's no eternal life without surrender to the lordship of Christ. Includes a new chapter! 320 pages, hardcover from Zondervan.

Hell's Best Kept Secret
By Ray Comfort
Discover the crucial key needed to unlock the unbeliever's heart. If you are experiencing evangelical frustration over lost souls, unrepentant sinners, and backslidden "believers," then look no further. This radical approach could be the missing dimension needed to win our generation to Christ. Paperback, 285 pages. Whitaker House. How many souls have you wont to Christ? How many are still walking with the Lord? All? Some? A Few? The facts are: Evangelical success is at an all time low. We're producing more backsliders than true converts. The fall away rate - from large crusades to local churches is between 80 to 90 percent. Why are so many unbelievers turning away from the message of the Gospel? Doesn't the Bible tell us how to bring sinners to true repentance? If so, where have we missed it? The answer may surprise you.

Living By the Book
By Howard Hendricks & William Hendricks
How would you describe your personal Bible study? Mundane or motivational? Lackluster or lively? Redundant or reviving? Howard and Bill Hendricks offer a practical 3-step process that will help you master simple yet effective inductive methods of observation, interpretation, and application that will make all the difference in your time with God's Word!

One Minute After You Die
By Erwin Lutzer
Someone you know is about to pass away. Will they enter delight? Or horror? Many people spend more time planning for a vacation than preparing for eternity. Perhaps it doesn't seem real that we will still exist - fully conscious and alive - beyond the grave. But it's true, and it calls for careful consideration.

With the precision and logic of an attorney building his case and the heart of a pastor who genuinely cares for his parishioners, Erwin W. Lutzer offers an intelligent synthesis of the glimpse of the afterlife described by Jesus. He asks and answers tough questions like: What will heaven be like? Is death something to fear? Won't everyone go directly to heaven, no matter which road they choose? Is there a hell? In the end, Lutzer describes a heaven so inviting and a hell so fearsome that you won't find a moment's rest until you are sure where you and your loved ones will be, One Minute After You Die

The Old Evangelicalism
By Iain H. Murray
Sin, regeneration, justification by Christ's righteousness, the cross and the love of God, assurance of salvation--these are the truths that once thrilled churches and changed nations. They are the message that "turned the world upside down". Yet where evangelism continues to affirm these truths, without such results, it is often assumed that she must have new needs that cannot be met without something new. Hence the call for change, and such words as "mere doctrine is not enough". These addresses by Lain Murray challenge that mindset. He shows that biblical truths are never "mere". Where they have ceased to move and astonish it is because they have ceased to be rightly believed. Doctrinal recovery is the first need. While the Bible, not history, is the textbook in these pages, Murray draws on the best authors of the old evangelism to confirm what a stupendous message the gospel truly is. Here are the fundamental, life-changing truths that will remain the power of God unto salvation to the end of time.

One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven
BY Mark Cahill
Are you ready for eternity? If so, are you helping others get ready for that journey into eternity that each of us must take? As believers, we all know we should tell others about the Lord, but we often don't know how. This practical book will give you ideas for starting conversations, examples of witnessing situations, and answers to common questions, to help encourage, challenge, and equip you to reach both friends and strangers for Jesus the rest of your life!

You can purchase this book and more direct from Mark Cahill Ministries by Clicking Here.

One Heartbeat Away
BY Mark Cahill
People have asked Mark Cahill, since he talks to a lot of people and does a lot of witnessing, to write a book based on his conversations with lost people, specifically to those who are seeking and searchinga book that would anticipate their questions and speak to their objections. One Heartbeat Away is exactly that.

You can purchase this book and more direct from Mark Cahill Ministries by Clicking Here.

The Pastor Sketches -two volumes in one
By: Ichabod Spencer
"A Pastor's Sketches is a sobering and challenging reminder that the Holy Spirit is the true agent of conversion. This book is urgently needed today when so much of our evangelism is patterned after current marketing methods. It has deeply convicted me to always seek to be in tune with the Holy Spirit as I minister to others." -Jerry Bridges, author of numerous books, "With the decline of biblical Christianity in the 19th century God raised up Asahel Nettleton to be the evangelist who displayed the power of the old ways of bringing the gospel effectively to men and women. In the pastoral ministry it was the skill of Ichabod Spencer who patiently and wisely helped bring many to find rest and maturity in Jesus Christ. He was a pastor's pastor and the fruit of a lifetime's care for God's people was given to the church in this invaluable book." -Geoff Thomas, pastor, author

Pathway to Freedom
BY Alistair Begg
God's Irrefutable Laws For Life points out that people may be increasingly interested in religion, but they are decreasingly interested in anything that refers to the one true God who makes non-negotiable demands upon them. This book stresses the point that the essence of idolatry is the entertainment of thoughts about God that are unworthy of Him. Not only with the worship of false gods but also the worship of the true God in false ways.

School of Biblical Evangelism
BY Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron
In this comprehensive study course, you will learn how to share your faith simply, effectively, and biblically - the way Jesus did. Discover the God-given evangelistic tools that will enable you to confidently talk about your Lord and Savior. With 101 lessons, this course will help you to prove the authenticity of the bible, provide ample evidence for creation, understand the beliefs of cults and other religions, and learn how to reach both friends and strangers with the Gospel. 768 pages

A Tale of Two Sons
BY John MacArthur
One of America's most respected Bible teachers offers new insight into Jesus' parable of the prodigal son! MacArthur restores brilliance to the familiar Luke 15 passage about our sin and repentance---and God's mercy and love. Uncovering intriguing historical cultural details, he unveils an unexpected ending to a story you thought had no surprises left! 240 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

The Truth War
BY John MacArthur
Right now, Truth is under attack, and much is at stake. In a postmodern culture, Christians are caught in the crossfire of alternative Christian histories, emerging faulty texts, and a cultural push to eliminate absolute Truth altogether. As a result, many churches and Christians have been deceived. Worse still, they propagate the deception that poses itself as Truth! In The Truth War, John MacArthur reclaims the unwavering certainty of God's Truth and anchors Christians in the eternal, immovable promises found in His Word.



The Way of the Master
By Ray Comfort
The Way of the Master is the flagship work of Ray CThe Way of the Mastersion program as well as their radio show and website. Considered by many to be the definitive text on evangelism, this book has been updated, expanded and illustrated with photographs for this edition. It is anecdotal, loaded with commentary that is more conversational than academic. It's an easy read with a hard message that has already changed the face of sharing faith. Includes complimentary audio CD, "Hell's Best Kept Secret".



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