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  Model for Prayer Station:

If you have any anxiety about how the prayer station works, here is an example:


Hello, my name is _____ and I'm from Good 

Messengers Ministries  What is your name?


Hello ______. How are things for you? What 

brings you here?


(Response and Obvious Dialogue)


I am here because I believe in the power of 

prayer, and thought there might be someone 

here with prayer requests. Is there anything 

you would like me to pray for you about?

(Response and Obvious Dialogue)


Thanks for sharing that, _____. Before I pray, I want you to understand that this is not going to be like a 

magic genie  granting you whatever it is you wish. But prayer does work, and since I have a 

relationship with Christ, know that He will hear this prayer.

I am going to pray that God gives you strength to get through this, that He gives you spiritual insight into 

this matter, and also for Gods mercy in this situation.




Others at our ministry would like to pray for you in this and we certainly would like to hear how God 

answers you prayer request. Is that ok? Please help me fill out this information card so we can do that.


Tell me, what is your religious back ground? What are your beliefs?

Do you know what God did for you through Jesus Christ?




(This is where you will most likely share Christ if needed using Law to the Proud ~ Grace to the 

Humble. If you are unsure of how to do that please watch the following videos from the Way of the 



Thank you for the opportunity to pray for you and to minister to you.

Please take this information/literature. It discusses a lot of the things we discussed today.

God Bless You!


Download a Training Flyer

Prayer Station Training Flyer Click Here.  Print out this training flyer, and go over each key point 

with every member who will be working at the Prayer Station. You may want to hold a 

mini-training/assembly session with your group.



Download Free Prayer Station Handout Flyer:

Prayer Station Handout Flyer Click Here.  Print out this handout flyer. 

You may want to copy it and take it to a copy business for more professional printing. This handout 

flyer contains information about prayer, a small gospel presentation and recommended prayer from the 



Tracts & Bibles:

It is also a good idea to load-up on gospel tracks and handout Bibles to put on the Prayer Station 


Other Apologetic Flyers for Table:

If you are unable to purchase materials or are just looking for some great handouts that you can put on

the table that can help answer some peoples questions try some of these:

     | Six Days or Millions of Years | Why is There Death & Suffering? |

| Where Did the Races Come From? | What Happened to the Dinosaurs? |




Watch Pray Station Training Videos:

Click on the Image below and watch a great training video from the "Go Forth Alliance Ministry" out of New  York City.

Click on the image to the left to watch an important video by Jim Cymbala on the importance of prayer. This is a wonderful training video for encouraging those who are working in the GMM-NWI Prayer Station.

Watch Tony Miano's Prayer Station Training Video (at Walmart)

Watch a short video with the prayer station in action.

Watch Youth with a Mission using the Prayer Station ministry after 9-11


Prayer Station Purchase Information

Prayer Station Kits are manufactured and  COPYRIGHT by YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Smithtown, NY. For purchase information email YWAM at: or call YWAM-NY at: (631) 366-1000 ext 17. You will also find information at their web site:






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