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  Events - Outreaches - Conferences

What is the difference between an Event, Outreach and a Conference? Events are formal witnessing ventures that Good Messengers puts together and organizes and may require a table or tent set-up like our Prayer Station & Good Person Booths. Most events are 1-4 days in operation, and require many people to work the space. Outreaches on the other hand, are non-scheduled locations to go and witness such as meeting at the mall, going to fairs and just meeting friends and fellow members to witness together. Conferences (which could also include seminars, and workshops) are large scale training meetings that require advanced sign-up (often require registrations, fee's etc). We encourage those whom take our courses to get involved in outreaches. Please contact us and let us know that you are interested in going with us to our next event or outreach and we will get you set-up to go with a member of this ministry.



LOCAL "OUTREACH" IDEAS   ( places to go and witness )

Please check out these local outreach locations posted below for ideas of locations to go and witness. Good Messengers will NOT be having any "Formal Events" at these locations but we encourage our members to go and witness. If you have a suggested location to post, please send your ideas to  If you plan on going to one or more of these locations to witness, please post the information on the Good Messengers "Witnessing Calendar" for others to join you. Don't forget to add meeting time, location to meet and a way to contact you directly (i.e. cell phone number).

No Formal Outreaches at this time!



      To participate in a formal event (Prayer Station or Good Person Booth) every attender is required to bring their own Tracts, Bibles, Booklet or any witnessing materials that you may like.

No Formal Events at this time!



Currently No Conferences!





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